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As a designer, your choice of font is integral to your design and vision. Yet, understanding how to get those fonts to work across different platforms for your clients’ needs can be really frustrating, especially if you are creating a report or brochure that your client is going to be using with MS Office.

Fonts that are standard on a Mac don’t always translate across to the PC platform, and vice versa, and the problem is even worse with non-standard fonts.

Keep the following points in mind next time you are designing with a non-standard font, and you may save yourself and your client some headaches:

  • Non-standard fonts are not cross-compatible between PC and Mac. If you are working on a Mac, and your client on a PC, you  will need to ensure the relevant fonts are purchased and installed on all machines. The PC version for them, and the Mac version for you.
  • A template or presentation created in Microsoft Office on your Mac will work on a PC. The non-standard font you used, however, will not travel with the file. Ensure your client has the PC version of the font on their machine.
  • When we create templates or presentations for our clients, we also need a copy of the font.
  • Before starting a design, check this list of standard fonts that work with Microsoft Office. Sometimes it is best to stick with a standard font.

We have tonnes of experience working with corporate and mid-sized businesses, and know how to juggle great design with user practicality when designing and creating reports to be used in-house.

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