Can Slideshare help your small business marketing strategy?

cat is surprised to learn of slideshare

If you’ve got an internet presence for your business, chances are that you are looking at new ways to use the internet for your marketing strategies. And chancees are you’ve got a blog full of great articles. Or a Twitter stream of thoughts, ideas, links and marketing. Or a Facebook page full of updates.

Just think. All that lovely content that belongs to you. If only there were an easy way to make it work a bit harder. Right?

Introducing Slideshare

There’s a not-so-secret internet place called Slideshare, where PowerPoint presentations go to hang out. In an trendy buzz-word kind of way, it has been referred to around the place as the “You Tube of PowerPoint”. Now, doesn’t that phrase alone just pique your interest?

Maybe you’ve heard of it before, but discounted it as a place where slide decks go to retire. And yes, there is an awful lot of context-less material floating around. But there is also a whole heap of potential lurking just under the surface. And that potential is what we’re going to explore.

Repurpose your content

That’s right. Turn your blog post, or your Tweets, or your Facebook updates into a slideshow. It’s that easy (OK, it’s not that easy). You will need to think about the design, about your message, about what you’re trying to say. But you’re starting with something you already have, and so a big chunk of the work is done.

Once it’s uploaded onto Slideshare, your content gets a second lease of life and becomes a new part of your small business marketing strategy.

What are the advantages?

  • The Slideshare community is a new audience for your area of expertise
  • You can embed and share your presentations via your blog, website or social media
  • You can create a presentation to build brand awareness – explain what you do in a clear, unambiguous way
  • Embed calls to action on the slides
  • Visual content is increasingly becoming a key part of SEO strategies
  • In a increasingly competitive SEO marketplace, this is a relatively new and untapped resource to mine

We think that final point is the most exciting one. How often do you get to jump on a bandwagon nice and early?

We also have a SlideShare page which you could follow, as we will start loading our content up there as we make it available.

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