Can Slideshare help your small business marketing strategy?

cat is surprised to learn of slideshare

If you’ve got an internet presence for your business, chances are that you are looking at new ways to use the internet for your marketing strategies. And chancees are you’ve got a blog full of great articles. Or a Twitter stream of thoughts, ideas, links and marketing. Or a Facebook page full of updates.

Just think. All that lovely content that belongs to you. If only there were an easy way to make it work a bit harder. Right?

5 features of great logo design

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Logo branding video

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Standard Fonts for PC and Mac

As a designer, your choice of font is integral to your design and vision. Yet, understanding how to get those fonts to work across different platforms for your clients’ needs can be really frustrating, especially if you are creating a report or brochure that your client is going to be using with MS Office.