How to switch between multiple Google accounts

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Hands up who has been struggling to stay on top of all the new (and old) Google-based features and applications?

Google +, Google Places, Google Analytics, Google Adwords. Each has it’s own necessary place in online marketing for your business, and ideally you want them all to work in harmony with each other.

But what if you have a “scattergun” relationship history with Google? Over the years they’ve been tweaking their services, and alongside them you’ve probably been signing up to different offerings, creating multiple accounts linked to various email addresses that you may or may not remember setting up in the first place.

Sound familiar?

Well, that’s definitely a brief synopsis of my torrid history with Google, and when I recently tried to pull it all together for my business I was faced with a perplexing tangle of accounts that seemed impossible to streamline.

My tangled history with various Google Accounts

Me and Google go waaay back. I’ve got an email address that was set up back when Gmail was all beta. When only the cool kids got on board with an invite and 1 GB of data seemed like an outrageous amount of email space.(Disclaimer: I was never a cool kid, I just worked with some geek-types who loved sharing all the new stuff.)In brief,  my personal GoogleMess looked something like this:

  • An old gmail account that had been gathering dust for about 10 years.
  • A gmail account linked to my old photography website and business
  • Google Analytics set up under the photography email (running analytics for my current business AND photography website)
  • Google Analytics set up under the resurrected email address (meant to be running analytics for my current business but not set up properly)
  • Google + accounts for both email addresses
  • Adwords account(s) that doesn’t (don’t) know WHO to play with!

I’ve been dancing a merry jig for the last few months, logging in and out of the different accounts. Checking email in one, but not being able to access Analytics at the same time.  I thought I had it cracked when I discovered this feature:

screenshot of how to switch analytics accounts
screenshot showing 2 Google accounts
Basically, you can add any and all other Google accounts and addresses so that they’re linked, which lets you swap around between them without the need to log in and out all the time. I use Google Chrome so I have the option to do this from the top corner of my browser, but you can do the same from inside Google +.
However, the behind the scenes mess with my Analytics and Adwords wasn’t so easily resolved.Stay tuned for a future post on how you CAN move Google Analytics from one account to another, and then link your Adwords and Analytics accounts.I am not pretending to have entirely cracked the Google mysteries, so if I’ve missed anything or there’s an easier way, please leave a comment below! That way we all learn together.
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