Giving back to our community

One of the great bonuses of running a business, is that you meet all sorts of great people along the way. Some of these people turn into clients, some of them turn into friends. And sometimes you end up involved with a charitable cause that can benefit from your particular expertise.

2014 DCH calendar

2014 Calendar for DCH

This year, we provided the photography and layout for the DCH Animal Adoptions 2014 calendar. We finished it all up last week, and shipped off the files to the printer, and so they’re now ready to buy.

If you like supporting animal rescue (and who doesn’t…c’mon!), the calendars are for sale through the DCH Animal Adoptions website. All proceeds go towards helping abandoned poundies find their forever homes.

Go on…they’re only $15! 


SHELTER: a photo book of rescue success stories

We worked on a great project with DCH Animal Adoptions in 2012 – an animal rescue group that works with Dogs, Cats and Horses. At this stage, DCH is a network of foster carers who collect unwanted dogs and cats (and horses!) from Sydney pounds. The foster carers look after the animals in their homes, for as long as necessary until they find their ‘forever homes’ with new families.

The founders of DCH have bigger plans, though, and have been focusing on raising enough money to fund an actual physical shelter. This means they will rescue and look after a greater number of animals outside the foster carer network.

We collaborated on producing a photo book for DCH which featured the happy-ever-after stories of foster animals who were successfully rehomed through DCH Animal Adoptions. It was a massive project, spanning almost a year, but the end result was so worth it. Cathy donated her photography expertise, capturing portraits of the animals and their owners. A friendly writer-type donated his time to writing up all the stories. And Emma pulled it all together into a beautifully designed layout that resulted in the final printed book.

Some pictures that featured in the book













 Check out the book itself:

DCH Animal Adoptions
By Cathy Topping