5 features of great logo design

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Your logo is the hub around which you build your brand, and as such really is one of the most important pieces in your marketing kit.

Your awesome business needs an awesome logo.

What is it that makes a logo awesome? We know the answer to that question – great logo design is our job!

If you would like to find out, just follow along…

1. A great is simple

A well designed logo is simple to look at, simple to understand and immediately recognisable. A quick glance and your clients know that it’s your logo and therefore they associate it with your business.

Simplicity of design is one thing. Executing a great logo concept, however, is anything but simple. The hidden trick to great logo design is that what looks simple on the surface is actually quite complex. Good design is all about balance, and for your logo that means getting it just right – a simple (but strong) appearance tied up with a complex (and strong) concept.

In other words, your awesome logo needs to look simple, but in fact have lots of layers. A lot like a good business idea really.

2. A great logo is unique

When starting up a business, the one key attribute you need to think about, and then articulate, is your uniqueness. Your proposition. What is it about your business that is different to all of your competitors?

Put another way, why should a potential client choose you over the next girl (or guy)?

A good answer to that initial question will send you heading off down the right path to creating an awesome brand for your business. Your logo then becomes the lynch–pin to build your brand around. So it goes without saying, really, that it needs to be unique.

Your logo should stand out from the crowd, and identify you separately from your competitors. It should be distinctive and unique. Just like your business.

Unique usually doesn’t mean off-the-wall though. Which brings me to the next point:

3. A great logo is relevant

Although you do want your logo to represent your business in a unique way, it pays to not lose sight of who you are communicating with.

You might think of that as a strange way to look at things, but if you imagine your logo (and all your related branding) as part of your sales team, it becomes clearer that you need them to look a certain way, and to talk a certain way. A way that is appropriate for your clients.

To state an obvious example – a business moving in the corporate world will have a very different look and feel to their logo than a business selling kids clothes or toys. The real magic is in knowing how to get that specific ‘feel’ into your design, while still coming up with a unique look for your business.

Yes, it is as tricky as it sounds. No-one said logo design was easy.

So, your logo needs to be relevant to your business, and your clients, your industry and your audience.

You are the best source for that industry-specific information, and that is why we have an initial consultation with our clients. We ask you some tightly focused questions, and use your answers as a springboard for our own further research.

4. A great logo is adaptable

One of the main functions of your logo (perhaps its main function), is that it can be used across all of your marketing tools.

From the everyday (your business card) to the ginormous (a billboard), and down to the teeny weeny (your Twitter avatar) – your logo needs to be adaptable.

(Sure, you may never want to use billboard advertising, but the point is that a well-designed logo means you can if you want to).

It has to be able to be shrunk, and then stretched, sit on a white background or a colour background, print clearly onto paper and look great on a computer screen. It’s a busy life that your logo is going to lead, so it’s so important to make sure the design can cope with such a hectic existence.

Great logo design is distilling the essence of your business into a shape that can size-shift relentlessly without losing its soul.

Technical tip:
When you receive your logo from your designer, you should receive it in lots of different formats such as different sized JPGs and PNGs. If you don’t know what all these different files are for, don’t stress. Just make sure you double check that you’ve got the original vector file (it will have .ai or .eps at the end of the file name) in there somewhere. And then file them in a safe place.

At some point in the future, you will have a designer work on a different project, and there’s a good chance it may not be the same designer who created the logo for you.

When you receive an email requesting your ‘logo in vector format’ or your ‘logo EPS file’, just dig it out from wherever you’ve saved it, and send it on over to them. They know why they need it, you just need to be able to provide it.

5. A great logo is memorable

Your logo needs to be easy to remember from a single glance. Recognition builds familiarity, which generates trust in a brand. Clients who trust your business will remain loyal.

Your marketing objective is to create associations around your brand that are relevant to your business. Tie in brilliant marketing campaigns with a memorable logo, and you will be well on the way to creating a strong foothold for your business idea in your industry marketplace.

Does it all sounds like lots of work? Well, that’s because it is!

It takes experience, expertise and creativity to pull a great logo together. Our branding expert ticks all of those essential boxes.

Take a look at some of our work, and feel confident that we will come up with a logo for your business that you will love.

Ready to get started?

That’s great! Fill out our contact form, and we’ll get back to you with what we need to do next.

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